BackupDrive Screenshots

A short introduction to the application

You are not quite sure about BackupDrive yet?

Here we give you a comprehensive insight into the user interface and the usage of our software. On this page are the most important windows, as well as a detailed description of their function.

Main menu

The main menu of uLinky BackupDrive

Welcome to the main menu of uLinky BackupDrive!

The most important navigation points are:

  • Backup Plan
    To create and manage BackupJobs
  • Backups
    Restore and manage backups
  • Direct Backup
    Create a backup directly

Of course you can also go to the settings and admire a small statistic.


This window contains a list of all BackupJobs. Here new BackupJobs can be created or existing ones can be edited or removed.

A BackupJob contains all the information needed to create a backup.
Here you have to specify which files should be copied to which target at a specific moment.

For more information, see the following "BackupJob Configuration" section.

Management interface for all BackupJobs

BackupJob Configuration

General configuration of a BackupJob

To create a backup of your data, you must first set up a so-called BackupJob.
This contains five configuration items:

  • Gereral: Name, Description, Active
  • Data: Files and directories to backup
  • Transmission: Transmission type and destination directory
  • Time settings: Configuration of an automatic backup
  • Notification: Setup of a e-mail notification

For more information about configuring BackupJobs, see the uLinky Docs: uLinky Docs

Further screenshots for the BackupJob configuration

List of all files and directories to be backed up
Transmission Settings: Type of transmission and destination directory of the backup
Time settings for automatic backup
Settings for the notification function


A list of all available backups is used to restore and manage individual backups.

One of the most important windows contains a list of all existing backups. The most important functions are:

  • Restore backups
  • Deletion of old backups
  • Export backups as zip file

It also displays details about each backup:

  • Backupnumber
  • Name of the BackupJobs
  • Timestamp
  • Size

The button "Details" showes you more details about the selected backup.


If you select a backup in the backup window, some details of the selected backup and the backup log can be displayed.
The following details are shown here:

  • Backupnummer
  • Name of the BackupJobs
  • Size
  • Transfer period
  • Mount location (RootDir)
  • Location of the backup

A backup log can be viewed if, when creating the backup, the creation of log files was activated and this file has not yet been deleted.

Various details as well as the backup log can be displayed for a backup


General settings of uLinky BackupDrive

Important settings must be made in the settings menu.

  • General settings
    Language, Autostart
  • Logging
    Logging, Retention period of logfiles
  • E-mail notification
    uLinky Mailserver / own Mailserver
  • Display
    Display format of file sizes, System notifications, Window behavior

For more information about configuring BackupJobs, see the uLinky Docs: uLinky Docs

Further screenshots for the BackupJob configuration

Logging settings in BackupDrive
Settings for the e-mail notification
Display settings in BackupDrive


Lastly, you can use the main menu to display a small statistic about BackupDrive. You can find some interesting data about the software operation and usage.

What does the statistics include?

  • Number of executed backups
  • Transferred amount of data through backups
  • Number of backed up files
  • Number of recoveries performed
  • Transmitted amount of data during restores
  • Number of restored files
  • Number of deleted backups
A small statistic provides information about data from the operation of BackupDrive
And, convinced?

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