Settings in the properties file of BackupDrive

The file stores settings of BackupDrive that have been made in the Preferences window or other areas of the program. Some hidden settings are only available here. In addition, own programs or scripts can read and edit settings from BackupDrive through this file. The file can also be edited with a simple text editor.


Editing this file should be avoided as much as possible, since it is used and managed by BackupDrive. Settings can be made in the settings menu.
Not all settings will be checked for errors! A faulty configuration can cause crashes, malfunctions, and fails of BackupDrive. In the worst case this can cause damage to the computer! The modification of this file is at your own risk!
Therefore, you should know exactly what you are changing here.

Content of the file ""

Content of the configuration file in BackupDrive v1.0.0

The image above shows settings that are available from version 1.0.0. If you miss a few lines, you can simply paste them.
More information about the ".properties" file format is available at

Description of the settings

update.search_on_starttrue / falseThe value specifies whether to check for updates at startup.
logging.detailedtrue / falseSpecifies whether log files should be created with additional details.
mail.password[Encrypted password] / nullContains the encrypted password of the email account.
logging.generaltrue / falseSpecifies whether log files should be created.
backupqueue.threads1 - 127Specifies how many automatic backups are allowed to run in parallel at the same time.
logging.autodelete.days1 - 1825 / -1Number of days how long log files will be kept. At "-1", logs will be never deleted.
notification.enabledtrue / falseIndicates whether notifications about the taskbar are enabled. / nullE-mail address of the sender, for e-mail notifications.
statistics.enabledtrue / falseIndicates whether statistics are enabled.
autostart.enabledtrue / falseSpecifies whether BackupDrive should start automatically at system startup.
mail.ownprovidertrue / falseSpecifies whether a separate mail server should be used.
logging.deletenonfailedtrue / falseSpecifies whether log files of a backup should be automatically deleted if no errors occurred.
autostart.hiddentrue / falseSpecifies whether BackupDrive should start at system startup in the background.
transmission.overtake_modifytimestamptrue / falseSpecifies whether the "change date" timestamp should be adopted during the backup.
backupstarter.warmup0 - 10800 / -1Specifies a delay in seconds of automatic backups after the program start.
event.closehide / close / askSpecifies whether the program should be closed or hidden when exiting
languageenglish.lngSpecifies the file name of the language file.
mail.enabledtrue / falseThe value indicates whether the e-mail notification is activated.
backupqueue.slots1- 127The number indicates the size of the queue for automatic backups.
logging.autodeletetrue / falseSpecifies whether logs should be deleted automatically. (compare with logging.autodelete.days)
display.filesize.formatbinary / decimalSpecifies the representation of file sizes. / nullAddress of the mail server for the email notification.
autostart.warmup1 - 10800 / 0, -1Specifies a startup delay in seconds.
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